Best Tips to Follow When Getting Squirrels Outta Your Salem Walls

The Salem squirrels may appear fragile and harmless but there are instances when they can show their ferocious nature. They will be prepared to attack when they think that the safety of their young ones is being jeopardized. They will build their nest in our house and will be difficult to drive them out. After 12 weeks, they will reach their sexual maturity and it won’t be long until you have a full-blown infestation.

Ways to Remove the Squirrels on Your Walls

Before we start, let us first remind you that you should hire the service of the Oregon professionals if you lack the proper knowledge. Failure to respond properly to the infestation may result to expensive repairs. The experts can also conduct analysis to gauge the severity of your problem and determine the right solution.

Identifying Your Enemy

Before you conduct any eviction method, you need to ensure that your walls are being infested with squirrels. You need to observe your house and be alert on the signs of infestation. You need to remember that you are getting rid of the squirrels simply because they are infesting the house. They are nonetheless helpless creatures that will attack you once you threaten them. You should get rid of them humanely and prevent them from returning to your property. Some of the signs would be the noises behind your wall, the stains, and droppings. 

Find the Salem Nest

Compared to the other Oregon creatures, the entry points that the squirrels will use will not be concealed. A quick tour all over your house will help you determine their point of entrance. This is the best place to start when finding the nest of the mother squirrel. You will need to create a hole on the wall. Some people choose to lower a rope on the hole that the squirrel can use as an escape route. 

Once you find the nest, we highly discourage you from disturbing the nest. Once the nest has been exposed, the Oregon mother squirrel will relocate them to a safer place. You should not relocate the babies yourself. You need to give the mother raccoon an opportunity to retrieve her babies. Disturbing the nest will increase the possibility that the mother raccoon will abandon her young kittens which will worsen your problem.

Trapping Device

If there are no Oregon baby squirrels, you can place a soft trap outside the entry point. Once the squirrel was caught, you can release them outside. Make sure that all holes have been sealed completely before you release them. Remember that not all squirrels in your walls reside there; they are perhaps trapped in the void of our walls that are waiting to be rescued. You will normally know that they are trapped if they are scratching the walls in their attempt to get out.

When getting the Salem squirrels out of your chimney, be sure that you are properly protected. Whether they are stuck in our walls or they are nursing their young ones, they may act erratic if you approach them.

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