What to Do When a Raccoon Made Its Way to Your Oregon Roof!

Raccoons are adept Salem climbers that allow them to climb almost anything. They have a dexterous and strong paw that enables them to ascend on trees and variety of structures. During the cold winter months, the raccoons are looking for a comfortable place to stay and our attic would be an excellent place for them. Most of the time, they will use our roof to gain an entry to our attic.

How Raccoons Get Access to Your Roof

There are various ways on how an Oregon animal can get an access to your roof. Understanding their mode of access can help you prevent them from gaining an entry to your attic. Raccoons are considered opportunistic creature. It is essential to make the access as difficult as possible to discourage them. Here are some ways on how they can get to the roof.


Our houses feature downspout that is connected to the eaves troughs. This enables the water to flow from the gutter leading to the ground. With their strong paws, they can easily grip on the downspout and use this to access our roof. In order to prevent them from using this as their mode of access, consider installing protective collar. Some people also add grease on the surface to make it slippery.

Salem Trees

In the wild Oregon raccoons have been climbing trees to escape predators and build their nest. The trees may be aesthetically pleasing but those long branches that are overhanging in our roof can be used by the raccoon to get on to our roof. Make sure that you trim the excess branches that will make it difficult for them to climb your roof. Raccoons may be persistent but once they find it difficult to access your roof, it is highly possible that they will move on to another house.

Other Methods

The raccoons can also use the outdoor antennas of your TV to make their journey to your roof a lot easier. Those who live in a house with a low garage or bungalow house, the structures around our house such as fence, pergolas, and deck railings will function as a convenient entry to our roof.

What to Do with the Raccoon on the Roof

A raccoon in the Oregon roof is probably looking for a way to enter our attic. In order to discourage them, you need to keep your roof in a great condition. Any rots and holes should be immediately repaired. The weathered and damaged roof can become a convenient entry points for the raccoons. This creature has strong teeth and sharp claws that enable it to easily damage the soft materials on your roof.

In case you noticed a Salem raccoon that is frequenting your roof, you need to be concerned about it since they can gain an access to our attic. They have destructive behavior and once they managed to get inside our attic, driving them away would be difficult. During the first sign of infestation, do not hesitate to call your local wildlife removal agency.

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