Various Ways to End an Oregon Groundhog's Life in Your Yard - Including a Humane Method!

Among the burrowing Salem creatures, the woodchuck is probably the cleverest creature. The adults have the capacity to create a complex burrow system with numerous entry points that may extend to a maximum of 60 ft. While this may sound incredible, their digging habit may also be destructive. While we do not recommend you to use the lethal method, there are some instances when some people will choose this option.

How to Kill the Groundhogs in the Yard

Before we enumerate the different lethal methods to kill the Oregon woodchucks, let us first remind you that killing the creature will not give you a long-term solution. The scent of the decaying creature will invite pests and other wild creatures. Since this is only a temporary solution, it will only take a few days before a new nuisance creature will replace them.


This method requires the use of the deadly gas that will kill the Salem woodchuck. The animals will be killed while they are inside the burrow. It is recommended to perform this method with the use of cartridge. For those who are not proficient in using the fumigation device, be sure to consult a professional. Additionally, you should be equipped with protective gears since the fumes that it will release will also be detrimental to your health.

Lethal Traps

Keep in mind that the use of lethal traps may be illegal in some states. This is due to the fact that it will not instantly kill the Oregon creature. For those who have an issue with other animals, the trapping method will be an excellent solution. Some people will choose this method since using non-lethal traps will be time consuming. They also have no idea on what to do next after trapping the creature. Check first if the use of the lethal traps is permitted in your state.

Shooting Them

This will be the best way to get rid of them especially if you can shoot them directly on their head. This will give them a swift death. Nonetheless, just like the other methods that we mentioned in this article, you will have to be certain that this method is allowed in the local jurisdiction. You should also have an excellent marksmanship skill. Shooting them on the other parts will make them suffer a long and painful death. There is also a possibility that the bullet will ricochet. In order to restrict the movement of the creature place bait and wait until they were eating the bait before shooting them.


Poison is probably the least recommended method of the expert due to the different risks that it entails. Most poisons will release a toxic chemical that will irritate your respiratory tract. In addition, poison comes in a unique and interesting shape and form. It sometimes resembles the appearance of a candy or cereal that your kids and pets may find interesting. Accidentally ingesting this poison can be lethal.

Before using the lethal control method, be sure to use the non-lethal method a try. If nothing seems to be working, call the assistance of the Salem experts.

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